Envera Employee Reviews from Google- Recent. “Information is compromised”

Employee/Resident reviews from Google and Lakewood Ranch- “Security information is compromised”.

Envera Systems
8132 Blaikie Ct, Sarasota, FL
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a year ago-

This company has no integrity…. It’s funny that everyone else who has reviewed this being a 4 star company are tied to the company as an investor or a big wig. I’m just saying….. Please if you have any choice in working some where else please do so, this company has no integrity on how they treat their employees and their equality is a joke.. Not to mention their security and information is compromised, not to mention THEY ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITIES-Trust me I worked her for 9 months, they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR RESIDENTS… Everything that drives this company is numbers and profit and bottom line…. No I was not fired! I am not a Disgruntled Employee, I just decided to leave a review for anyone else who decides to work here or enlist them as a security company for their community, if you have an alternative option instead of Envera I would say take the alternative all day every day.

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Errol Castro
a year ago

Very unprofessional, they always keep me waiting for more than 30 or 40 minutes before they can let me in. The people who answer the system are very rude. I would never recommend this company to my worst enemy.


Dominic Hester
9 months ago

It’s inconvenient for me as a resident and extremely annoying for my guests. They don’t answer their phones in a timely manner and the website is often down. There are still break-ins in my community as we

Vic Ago
3 months ago

Like another person said, they don’t answer fones in a timely matter. The license plate reader only lasted a few months, during peak times you can expect to wait minutes before someone even greets you, then they will verify you and not even open the gate once you pull up. You get what you pay for. If you want a guard get a guard.

This link is from December 2016 of a Lakewood Ranch community forum discussing problems of the broken gate, and pole crashing down on cars, and a gate that remains open.  Worth a look.


This is comment #89- it caught my attention:

“I had no less than 5 different guests tell me they sat at the call box with that automated message repeating itself over & over again – “an envera representative will be with you shortly”. A few even called me from the gate asking me if it was broken. They said the line to get in stretched into malachite. They said 15-20 cars deep. The 10 minutes was what some had to wait once they made it to the gate! It shouldn’t be an inconvenience to have guests to your own home! ” 

……. Further comments verify that a 40-45 minute wait to enter is NOT a stretch!!!! 






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