Article IV of Ammendments 2002



General Policy. The policy envisioned in adopting these restrictions and that which is to be

used in interpretation and enforcement thereof is as follows: the foremost consideration in

applying these Covenants and Restrictions is the health and safety of the Property Owners in

the Woodlands II HOA and Woodland Lakes, their families, guests and invitees. Additionally,

these Covenants and Restrictions are designed to preserve property values, to protect the

natural aesthetic qualities of the community, and to promote the mutual harmony of all residents

therein. The Board of Directors is hereby authorized to develop and promUlgate reasonable

policies, assessments (which shall mean and refer to annual fees or any special assessment)

and annual budgets necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the Woodlands [I and

Woodland Lakes development.

Open Space and Easements. In connection with the Woodlands II and Woodland Lakes

development, certain land areas referred to as “common areas”, may be designated by the

Association as open space. The open space so designated shall remain free from structural

encroachment or physical alteration, and in so far as possible, remain unaltered in its natural

state. Where there are open space lakes created by the Developer, said lakes are also to

remain essentially in the same state as existed at the time this subdivision was created. Access

points or easements across common areas are for the benefit of the lot incorporated by

reference herein. Access to open space areas is specifically not granted across, or encroaching

on, any private Lot herein. Non-exclusive easements for County ingress and egress may have

been or may hereafter be granted to the County of Sarasota. Those easements are identified on

Exhibit A herein. Such County easements are intended solely to facilitate the required

maintenance or other public service provided by the County and shall not be construed as a

grant of general access to the public-at-Iarge but shall be utilized by the Association and its


Security. In order to preserve the security and privacy of the homeowners in the Woodlands II

and Woodland Lakes development, the Board of Directors is authorized by the Association to

establish a security program. Such program may be run jointly with the BENT TREE VILLAGE


Such security program shall be used to control access to the Woodlands II and Woodland Lakes


Responsibility of Association. The Association shall be responsible for enforcing the Restrictions

herein contained and for maintaining the common areas, unless otherwise provided herein. The

Association shall also provide supplemental maintenance on all lands and easements dedicated

to Sarasota County, It is the responsibility of the Association to operate and maintain the



Drainage System, and the cost of such operation and maintenance shall be a part of the annual

budget of the Association.

Assessments/Annual Fees. The Association shall generally assess the Owner of each Lot

equally for the expenses necessary to manage, maintain, administer and carry out the

responsibilities and duties of the Association. However, Bent Tree Village Subdivision Unit IV

shall be assessed additional amounts for the maintenance and preservation of the street lights

and lake well pump, including associated electricity costs. The Board of Directors may levy

special assessments when necessary to fulfill the obligations set out herein.

Lien for Unpaid Assessment. Assessments/annual fees and any special assessment not paid

within ten (10) days of the due date shall bear interest at the highest rate permitted by law. The

Association shall have a lien for all delinquent assessments/annual fees and special

assessments, which shall include interest, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs incident to

the collection of same.

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