An Open Letter from Joe Soltis

To WPC and Fellow Homeowners: It is difficult to sit quietly by while the Board aggressively pushes for the second gate. The Board keeps sending letters from “so-called” supporters of the gate which contain weak and superficial reasoning for the “betterment of the community”. I think it’s time to tell it like it is! A second gate is a massive inconvenience for the entire community. If the plan goes through, we will be the laughing stock of Sarasota. Nobody in their right mind is going to buy property where they have to go through two gates, day-in-and -day-out! It signals that our community cannot settle differences with our neighbors and are building a second gate to keep them out. A prospective homeowner does not want to buy into a disputed community where neighbors distrust each other.

The Board, in order to build the gate, must change the by-laws. If our development changes the by-laws, it will be an open invitation for future frivolous projects for the Board to dream-up. This we don’t need. It’s time we elect a Board that listens to the homeowner’s true needs and wishes, rather than their own idealistic ideas that cost the homeowners money with very little benefit.

Joe Soltis