An Open Letter from Annah McCluskey

Dear Woodland II neighbors,

I am very opposed to a second and unsightly, metal gate proposed for the entrance into our beautiful community! Why?

1. When a real estate agent brought my husband and I to Bent Tree and we made a right turn from the stop sign into Woodlands II, the beauty and magic of the canopied entrance through and beyond the “faux bridge” inspired us to live in this community with a manicured, “enchanted forest!”

This last week as a I make my way to and from our community, I focus on our entry with the six tall oak trees and visualize the damage and loss of the filigreed canopy replaced by hard metal, I resent the probability of the gate marring and changing the character of our beautiful entry into our equally beautiful community. This gate says something different, it says “compound” rather than “community.”

2. I did not sign up to live in a compound! I don’t like the feel of being “pinned/locked-in” – it is claustrophobic.

3. The gate, by its inherent hard-edged, metal construction does not spell to me “increased property values!” Especially since it destroys natural beauty and replaces it with unnatural, ugly metal! If you want increased property values and since our money seems to be burning a hole in the pockets of our HOA Board, why not landscape the unsightly grassy turn-arounds in our cul-de-sacs with palm trees and tropical color as well as plant more colorful growies at our entry. Hey, why not reduce our annual HOA fees!

4. This is important: we all know if you give government a little lee-way it becomes a mile rather than an inch. Allowing our HOA board to amend the by-laws to permit removal of the six oak trees may not end there!

5. This next issue is huge for me: I thoroughly resent the probability of doubling my focus on outside services to my home. Arranging services is currently time consuming enough without needing to make additional corresponding arrangements with the gate administrator. I can’t emphasize enough how distracting away from my personal pursuits these imposed additional arrangements will make on my life. I resent this hugely!

I don’t want an app on my cell phone to coordinate or trouble-shoot with the gate adminstrator and my service providers. And, on a weekly basis plus, we need these service/repair providers to help us at our home. I don’t want calls interrupting me in my studio, in classes and other functions that I attend. I don’t want to have to hold in the back of my mind: is everything going okay! Unnecessary and unwanted distractions!

6. I have heard through the grapevine anti-gate letters will not be published through our HOA web site. Seriously?

I feel safe in Woodlands II. There has never been cause to not feel safe. My husband and I have our security measure in place and plan to upgrade some of our landscape lighting with motion-detectors.

When all is said and done, no matter how this issue lands, we deserve a huge party in order to bring harmony back into our community. We all love Woodlands II and to date, I have loved every friendly one of you!

I will close my “rant” with a quote from poet/singer, Joanie Mitchell: “……you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, pave paradise, put up a parking lot!

Annah McCluskey

A “very concerned” neighbor!