A Second Lawsuit?

In January, the Board sent our homeowners a letter in which they discussed the existence of a lawsuit between Bent Tree 2 and our community. They correctly stated that “Bent Tree 2 did not object to our efforts to build our own gate on Weeping Willow Blvd. as long as it does not cost them anything or IMPACT THE EXISTING OPERATION OF THE PROCTOR GATE IN ANY WAY.” The Board also informed our homeowners that if we lost the lawsuit, we could be required to pay Bent Tree 2’s legal fees that could exceed $100,000. Jeff Miller also has acknowledged that we DO NOT have to build the second gate in order to settle the lawsuit.

What is likely to happen if the second gate is built?

Lawn and service vehicles with trailers, large delivery trucks and vehicles as large as semi-tractor trailers frequently enter our community. It is inevitable that there will be times when several large vehicles will attempt to enter our community and will be stopped at the second gate podium which is located less than approximately 120 feet from Willow Leaf Drive according to the site plan and drawings provided to us with our ballots. This will cause other vehicles to back up to and through the Proctor gate and impact the operation of that gate in a serious way. When that happens, will we be faced with a second Bent Tree 2 lawsuit because we have violated the terms of settlement agreement?

You now have an opportunity to vote “NO” to stop this expensive, ineffective and unattractive project that clearly will manifest some very undesirable unintended consequences. Thank you for taking the time to have your voice count.


The Woodlands Preservation Committee (WPC)
Dedicated to Preserving the Natural Beauty of our Community